Live Long, Laugh Often, Stamp Much!

The new format was HUGE success this year. And the addition of the mall for classes was happily accepted by many of you who have trouble with our hill access. We have heard comments from almost everyone who attended about the beautiful cards they made and the close proximity to the teacher. I will include a few of the written comments.

Fritzi Farber wrote: Just wanted to let you know that both Nadine and I enjoyed the Christmas Workshop.  We had a lot of fun.

Also, I particularly likes the format of the smaller groups. Just wanted to thank all of you who taught for a wonderful time and a job well done!

Pictures of the cards can be seen at the bottom of the flyer that was posted around town.

Here are the pictures from the two sessions.

The above were some of the better shots taken at the C.A.T.S. Gallery Classroom session. I'm sorry the others were too blurred to even recognize some of your own faces. LOL!



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