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Last updated on August 10, 2014
Well, since opening the display section in the Crossville Outlet Mall in Picture Perfect/This Old Glove, I have decided to forego the shopping cart on-line. My belief is that most people would rather have a person to ask directly regarding the different art products. Many people also like bringing in their projects to get ideas on how to enhance them. I am so happy to help you with using the products you have OR in getting something new to work for you. You cannot get this personal touch on-line. 

With all that said, I will begin to add a simple technique that you can do using all of your products, both new and old. If you have a specific product for which you would like a technique, I will try to describe something new and different if at all possible. If not possible, I will give you an old technique with possibly a new look. I'll try this in any case. So e-mail me at to tell me which product you're working with and how you've already used the product. Or maybe it's a type of stamp that is giving you a problem. Let's try to make use of those things just sitting on your selves.
Viva Decor's Inca Gold Metallic Rub:
   At the Demo Day that Lorraine and I held at the Outlet Mall a couple of month's ago, I displayed a great way to use the rubs in a quick and easy background technique.    
      - Dab 2-3 colors of rubs on a craft sheet or similar work surface, placing them somewhat apart from one another. 
      - Spritz with water. 
      - Drag and dab white glossy cardstock through the rubs until you have the look you desire. 
      - Add more color or whatever until you get the look you want.