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Last updated October 7, 2014

I found the neatest idea while searching the web for something totally different. In any case I thought I would share this with you. Many of you have done the Packing Tape Transfer where you put packing tape on a magazine photo, soak it in water, and then rub the back of the picture off until there is just a clear image remaining attached to the packing tape. Well, this newest idea is similar. But first place a plastic stencil on top of the photo before attaching the Packing Tape. Use a stencil with rather broad areas of plastic. Fine lines of plastic may tear. After attaching the packing tape, brayer or run a stylus to adhere the paper to the open areas of the stencil. Soak as usual. While the stencil is still attached, rub the back of the open areas until it is clear. Carefully remove the stencil from the packing tape. Go slowly so you do not tear your photo. Then attach the packing tape to a decorative paper or cradstock.

Well, I was going to put a picture of the prettiest one I did, but I cannot find it, of course. Do you know why? I just cleaned out my craft closet. I should never do that! 

In any case, for this sample I used a sepia colored packing tape. The result is somewhat dingy compared to the clear tape. And I didn't finish the card so you could get a better look at the packing tape result. For the stencil I used a uniform circle with a star-like form between. It was attached to a decorative paper that had smaller circles on it.

Try it! The Happy Stampers had a lot of fun with it.