On this page pictures of Plateau Stampers’ monthly challenges will be posted. Challenges have been based on color combinations for the last few years. Below is the chart we are currently using. If you would like to participate, please send an e-mail attachment of your jpg file to
  • January 2019: Blue & Chartreuse
  • February 2019: Red & Black
  • March 2019: Gold & Green
  • April 2019: White and Striped Color Pattern
  • May 2019: Purple and Hot Pink
  • June 2019: Black & White
  • July 2019: Red, White & Blue

Now here’s a cute story. Lorraine, Carol and I were totally confused about the challenge colors. Lorraine told me I should be working on this month’s (May) challenge which she said was white and striped. Carol suggested that for club we should do this month’s challenge “Black and White”. So not being clever enough to check to see which is which, I started with April. Then I gathered the things for June. Then at the last minute I threw some things together for the actual May colors after referring to the actual challenge list.

So you can all participate with whichever of the 3 months you want, or do all three as I did this month (which I seldom if ever do).

Here is Brenda’s June card but you miss all the glitz in the actual card. Remember Lorraine’s April card will work for this month as well.

And for May we have Brenda’s other creation

The purple flower doesn’t look that purple in the scanned image.

Here are April’s challenges

Brenda Preuss made this Mousy Striped card using Pebeo Prisme.

Lorraine Revalee made this lovely card which could be for both April and June.

Lorraine Revalee was the only stamper to send in challenges for February and March, and they came all the way from Florida. If any of you would like to have your challenges posted, please scan a copy and email it to me.

This card was sent in for the March challenge from our snowbird, Lorraine.

Lorraine’s March entry.

Here are Lorraine’s February challenges

Everyone seemed to have concerns about the Chartreuse color for these January challenges.